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expecco is particularly well-suited for testing complex applications as well as complete systems. The testing refers not only to the software, but rather that the complete testing environment can also be integrated into the automation via a wide array of interfaces.

An excerpt of our interfaces:

  • User interfaces: Web, Java Swing/SWT, JavaFX, Qt, .NET, MFC, HTML5, Google Toolkit, DevExpress
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, Windows CE/Phone/Mobile
  • Embedded Systems: Serial/USB/Parallel, CAN, Optolyzer, CANoe, CANape, CANalyzer
  • Technologies: Java, .NET, DLL, SOAP, HTTP, SNMP, SWIFT, TELNET, TCP/IP, UDP
  • Measuring devices: VISA, GRIB/IEEE 488, SCPI
  • Business Processes: SAP, Oracle
  • Test Management: Polarion, Jira, HP Quality Center, expecco ALM

expecco is used in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Defence & Security
  • Medical
  • Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation

  • Windows Server 2008R2, 2012R2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • 32- and 64-Bit operating systems
  • Linux (x86, all Distributions)
  • Solaris (SPARC or x86) upon request
  • HP-UX and other Unix derivates upon request

The product suite expecco has been developed for heterogeneous environments and runs on all current available operating systems (Linux, Windows, Solaris and macOS). Within a test run tests in expecco can be interacted with any applications and computers. These can be implemented in all current technologies and run under any operating system. Interactions can occur sequentially or concurrently with user interfaces, databases, SOA services, or hardware.

Very minimal, individual components are directly modified on the building block. Thus, all affected test cases are automatically adjusted.

  • Integration, acceptance tests
  • Functional, workflow-based tests
  • Manual tests
  • Automation of installation and migration processes
  • Automation of recurring business processes
  • Workload and performance tests

Special reports (PDF, HTML, etc.), which can be drafted in the desired degree of detail for various requirements from the completed test sequences, serve to document the tests that have been conducted. They can be adjusted with regards to content, language and physical appearance upon a client-specific basis. For various target groups – clients, developers, managers, etc., corresponding reports can be generated.

In addition to the development, implementation, evaluation and automation of your tests, expecco also supports the implementation of manual and partially-automated test processes and thus offers a unique migration path for the automation.

We would be glad to provide you with a demo version for 30 days. Please contact us at:
info@exept.de oder +49 7142-919480

Yes, support point packages can be purchased. For your individual requirements, there are various package sizes. Inquiries can be made via e-mail, by telephone or via our error-reporting system. We use expecco ALM as a error reporting and inquiry system. Each customer receives a personal account for all project participants. All issues are allocated directly to the responsible person in our house.

We strongly recommend to order the update-service when buying expecco.

  • Updates are twice (2x) a year. These include new features, optimizations and bug fixes.
    For significant changes,patches are immediately available.
  • Update Service must be purchased annually.
  • If the update service is not ordered in one year, the fee is 80% of the list price, with a continuous term – in the following years again 20% of the list price.
  • For any additional support, support points can be purchased in different sized packages.

expecco: Our solution for the development, design, evaluation and automation of your tests. By means of the graphical programming interface, tests can easily be modelled with “expecco” via drag, drop & connect. By so doing, test creation is possible even without programming skills. The tests are created from the compilation of various building blocks and can thus be used in a multitude of ways. Owing to the central maintenance of the building blocks, the maintenance expenditures are very minimal. Another special feature of “expecco” lies in the simultaneous use of various technologies in a joint testing environment.

expecco ALM: expecco ALM is our quality management platform which manages and links requirements, projects, tests, test results, errors, actions and timetables. The comfortable and configurable test automation considers the availability of machinery, measuring and test equipment, and personnel.

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