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expecco – Update Service & Support

Version Premium/ Advanced Basic
Updates/Year 2 2 2
Response Time Sev. 1 Problems 8 16 24
Response Time Sev. 2 Problems 12 24 48
Response Time Sev. 3 Problems -24 36 72
Coverage Times
Mo – Fr
Outside general Business Hours

8:00 – 18:00
24 h on appointment
On appointment
8:00 – 18:00
24 h on appointment
8:00 – 18:00

Assigned Customer Representative 5 2 1
Customer Service Portal yes yes yes
Installation, Upgrade, Configuration yes yes yes
Remote Assistance yes yes no
Priority Case Handling yes yes no
Support Credits per developer license 32 16 0
Training sessions (online) 30 mins
per developer license
3 1 0
Assigned Technical Account Representative yes no no
65% 40% 25%

We strongly recommend to order the update-service when buying expecco.

    • Updates are twice (2x) a year. These include new features, optimizations and bug fixes.
      For significant changes,patches are immediately available.
    • Update Service must be purchased annually.
    • If the update service is not ordered in one year, the fee is 80% of the list price, with a continuous term – in the following years again 20% of the list price.
    • For any additional support, support points can be purchased in different sized packages.

Severity Level 1 – Highest priority

Production environment, expecco is totally non-operational, mission critical impact on the Customer’s company operations.

Severity Level 2 – Critical priority

Production environment where expecco functions are seriously impaired, the Customer’s company operations is seriously restricted.

Severity Level 3 – Default Priority

Production, Test, or Implementation environment with errors that do not cause a customer outage, intermittent errors that may reduce system performance or functions but no critical impact upon the Customer’s company operations. For example, product questions, implementation questions, configuration and tuning questions, or enhancement requests.

Knowledge Prerequisites

expecco is intended for commercial or educational use by computer professionals. Developing and Maintenance of automated Testcases with expecco requires a baseline technical skill set, including but not limited to: understanding of posibillities and restrictions accessing the system under test. Also a structured way of work will help to organize well defined reusable test modules.
Customers are responsible for administering and upgrading their own installations. exept Support will provide expert guidance onhow to do this, but we will not be able to provide step-by-step maintenance and installation assistance.
If you require further assistance, please consider the following resources:

  • eXept Training and Consulting Services
  • Install Guides and User Manuals
  • expecco
  • expecco LicenseServer
  • expecco ALM

End of Life

eXept supports the current release of major versions and one version back. For example, we support current release of 2.9..x and one major version back 2.8.x. In this example, customers seeking eXept assistance with versions older than 2.8.x will be requested to update as a prerequisite to receive assistance.

The current Version is 2016:

  • expecco
  • expecco LicenseServer
  • expecco ALM

Eligibility and Software Maintenance

  • eXept software support and maintenance covers access to technical support services and software product updates for the corresponding software license. Refer to the expecco License Agreement for specific terms of agreement. After the active maintenance period expires, the software will continue to function, but you will no longer be able to access or receive eXept software support or maintenance services.
  • Please note that free licenses do not include support.
  • Support is provided to the Named Contact(s) provided by the Customer to eXept. End-users requesting assistance will be redirected to their respective Named Contact. At any time, a valid maintenance agreement may be upgraded to Silver or Gold to increase the number of Named Contacts per maintenance agreement.
  • Consistent with the expecco License Agreement, the sole responsibility of eXept with respect to third party software, e.g. Selenium or Appium is to pass through any warranties extended by the third-party.
  • Any modifications not authorized by eXept in writing made to the software by the customer is prohibited.

Support Does Not Include

  • Customers without a valid maintenance agreement
  • Product which has not been updated to the current version or one version back
  • Beta or pre-GA releases
  • Product operating on non-supported configurations

Supported Platforms and Minimum Configurations eXept rigorously tests each release on the supported platforms. eXept may not provide assistance with configuration in unsupported environments. Please refer to the system requirements pages for supported platforms and minimum resource configurations:

  • System Requirements: Windows
  • System Requirements: Linux

Fixing Defects and Providing Patches

  • eXept Support will help with workarounds and bug reporting
  • Patches are issued for current versions and one prior version for critical priority bugs only
  • Critical bugs will generally be fixed in the next maintenance release
  • Non-critical bugs will be scheduled according to a variety of considerations
  • Customers are responsible for maintaining their patches during upgrades and server migrations
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