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Test automation around the Internet of Things

expecco finds the ideal use in complex and networked systems

The market for the comprehensive networking of cars, houses, everyday objects and the digitization of industry is exploding. Developments are becoming more complex and software is being delivered in shorter periods of time. Companies need to align their software development process so that they can deliver their releases faster and with higher quality. To meet these requirements, more and more companies are focusing on DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. An elementary prerequisite for this is continuous test automation.

With expecco you can access all components in your complete system and enable an end-to-end test.

In the highly complex projects of the Internet of Things, where linear processes are no longer sufficient and the various technologies of the complete system have to be tested in connection with each other, expecco finds the ideal application. Complex workflows are realistically mapped and automatically executed. In addition to automating the test scenarios, expecco also controls the required test infrastructure and simulates, if necessary, missing components. Through simple integration into existing IT infrastructures, test data and results are exchanged directly with connected systems such as test management, SAP, cloud services. This enables fully automated end-to-end testing of complex complete systems.

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Below you will find exemplary test setups of networked systems

from different industries:

Testautomation – independent of the operating system

expecco linking technologies

expecco produkt box

ECUs in conjunction with an ad under Android?
SOA infrastructure plus database on the mainframe plus web frontend?
Backend under Linux, frontend under Windows, plus test mobile devices test together?

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Even missing components can be simulated with expecco before their completion.

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