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Our Services

Round about testautomation and testmanagement you can expect a lot from our powerful team:


Development expecco Products


Stay up-to-date with expecco! We integrate new technologies and expand our plugins. And we consider your individual requirements.

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We optimize expecco continually and deliever 2 updates every year. These include new features, optimizations and bug fixes.

Customer Support

Proof of Concept

proof of concept

We implement a testscenario of your choice and present the technical feasibility and the economic benefit of your test automation project. Test expecco and the created test cases for the next 30 days.

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Product introduction / training / workshops


We support your team with the best set-up of test automation, from test development to test management and automatic test execution.

Customer support

Customer support

To support you, we provide different support point packages. We use expecco ALM as an error message and request system. Every expecco customer gets his own, free account for all project participants. Licenses and information are stored in the account, support points are managed and billed there. Thus, each project participant has an up-to-date view and accurate traceability.

Customer support


Testautomation as a Service

We support:

  • Development of test cases based on the test case specifications
  • Automate existing manual test cases
  • Automated test execution- at eXept or at customers place
  • Detailed documentation of all activities, delivery of continuous and audit-proof reports
  • Analysis of executed test cases, bug diagnostic and bug fixes, regression tests
  • Adaptation of the test system and test cases when changing the customer’s software

test automation service

expecco – for high-performance test automation

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