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Test Management, Test Development and Test Execution

Our product suite enables complete automation of your test process and makes your processes as simple, convenient and clear as possible. After test development, tests and test results are managed in one place, the automatic execution is controlled and test resources are assigned conflict-free. A detailed test plan is provided so that bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated immediately.

expecco in the cloud

expecco alm

Effective and flexible test management with expecco ALM

The entire test management – planning, control and analysis of all tests – takes place centrally in one spot: our web-based expecco ALM is set up on a server or in a cloud. So it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The expecco licenses are also managed here in a license pool. If one of the licenses is activated on any computer, it is only available again when expecco is shut down after work is done, the PC is switched off or the connection to the cloud or server is interrupted. In this way, all tests, requirements, resources, errors and projects are centrally recorded and managed, as well as automated test execution that is controlled. expecco ALM enables an efficient test planning, automatically uses all resources necessary for the test run and increases your test execution rate.

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Unique test development with expecco

expecco combines the advantages of abstract modelling with classic elements of test development unmistakably. The transition from the model to the concrete test, which interacts with the real world, takes place step by step, interactively and live in front of your eyes. The basic philosophy of expecco is always the same – so the tool can be used for all technologies. Both developers and managers without any programming skills can work with expecco: Through the graphical test development using building blocks, all participants have a basic understanding of the tests and can actively participate in the development. Test development using functional blocks enables a high degree of reusability of individual sequences or entire tests across all test levels and projects.

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