Test automation for all operational processes
in public transport

A complete solution for your test development, test execution and test evaluation.

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Buy tickets at the ticket machine, in the vehicle, at the ticket office or from home. Each of the systems must operate reliably and transmit the correct data to the management software. The challenge of these processes lies in the fast development cycles and the variety of mobile devices and operating systems. With expecco you can test each of your systems individually. A realistic workflow across the complete system guarantees consistent functionality.


Despite increasing networking and complexity, delivering stable products works with end-to-end test automation.
Therefore we developed expecco. We provide and maintain all relevant interfaces.

Test Automation with expecco

Benefits Manufacturer

  • Reduce internal test efforts
  • Testing all systems with 1 tool
  • High reusability/low maintenance
  • New business field: test package as solution

Test Solution

Benefits for your customers

  • Does not have to develop his own solution
  • Customer-specific adaptations and interfaces

Is it the fault of the manufacturer or the customer?

Quick recognition of the cause of defect
Reproducibility and assignment of errors

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