Process automation

E-Health – Made by expecco

Digitization with end-to-end workflows is simple and quick to implement. Particularly in the corona crisis, the population as well as public health authorities, doctors and researchers expect concrete and reliable case numbers in real time.

Currently, health authorities, vaccination centers and general practitioners are struggling with a “paper economy” and are making do with faxes and scans. This state of affairs is unimaginable in a supposedly highly developed industrialized country. We offer these facilities complete digitization, including the digitization of all existing forms and workflows, so that no training is required for employees. The integration is done without interrupting data collection with full data security.

Process automation

Reduces the workload of employees by automating the processing of repetitive, monotonous, time-consuming and error-prone activities. expecco takes over the roles and tasks of the users and communicates with all necessary systems, collects information and copies, changes and saves the relevant data.

  • Performing calculations
  • Filling in forms
  • Collect, copy, paste and forward data records
  • Access to websites, social media etc.
  • Parallel editing with “if-then” commands
  • Automated report
  • And much more


  • expecco works day and night and parallel
  • Flexible and fast adaptation to process changes
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Increase of the processing speed
  • Cost saving
  • Employees have more time for important tasks
  • Minimization of the risk of error
  • Increased quality


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