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expecco ALM – the stress-free way to quality management

Manage and automate all test runs and resources in one place – with one tool.

For a holistic quality management: Requirements, tests, resources, errors and projects are centrally recorded and managed by our web-based tool. expecco ALM accompanies and supports you during the entire product development cycle and is therefore an ideal completion to test automation and development with expecco. All important information is always prepared for you at a glance. Thus you always get an optimal visualization of your test results and have an overview of the project progress at any time.



Created for each other

Test development with expecco – testmanagement with expecco ALM

expecco ALM is responsible for the control of tests, computers, devices and resources. Our tool supports testmanagement at all automation levels. As a quality management system, it provides a consistent and detailed view of the current status of all projects and ensures optimum utilization of the test systems. By combining requirements-, error-, resource- and testmanagement, expecco ALM supports project planning and takes over the administration and automation of all test runs.
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Automated resource management with expecco ALM

Our web-based tool optimizes test execution according to available resources and distributes tasks according to available test machines and staff. expecco ALM monitors the use of test computers and equipment and automatically ensures that as many tests as possible run simultaneously but do not interfere with each other. The test sequence is constantly monitored and the results are then archived. The planning and control of your test runs is clearly mapped and the adherence to schedule, material and cost targets is monitored.
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expecco ALM as customer platform

As a customer you get free access to expecco ALM. There you can ask individual questions about our products and report bugs. At the same time expecco ALM manages the administration of your license files and your support points.
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A benefit for all participants

Product Manager, Project Manager, Test Manager and Tester

Within expecco ALM a flexible role model provides an individual view on the project for all participants. Product managers get a detailed overview of the project planning with all requirements, can observe the development process and assign tasks in the team. Trends and risks are recognized early and can be easily evaluated and avoided. The operative planning and control of a project is clearly presented for project managers. Here, the adherence to material, deadline and cost targets within the framework of project implementation is monitored. Required resources or personnel and equipment shortages become visible early in the schedule. For test managers, the planning and execution of tests is significantly supported and the optimal use of staff and equipment is supported. The protocols and test evidence created by testers are stored in versioned form and automatically forwarded to all participants. All parameters relevant to the test, such as test data, devices and personnel, are logged and stored in a database.


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Our innovation–your benefit:

  • Overview of available resources
  • Optimal utilization of the test systems
  • Exact definition of the execution sequence
  • Evaluability of test progress
  • Early detection of bottlenecks
  • Automatic update in case of availability changes
  • Transparent planning, allocation, tracking
  • Individual workflow
  • Flexible role and rights concept
  • Cost planning and cost overview
  • Consistent: From the planning to the submission
  • Individual input masks
  • Scrum/Kanban overview
  • Combinable with other QM tools

expecco ALM – the Test Management System

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