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Automated web tests with expecco.

Record web tests easily with the integrated recorder.

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With the integrated recorder, activities on a website are simply recorded and a module is automatically created for each action. In this way, extensive web tests are created with a few simple clicks. The individual elements of the website are precisely captured and localized by the xPath. When changes are made on the website, the entire test procedure doesn’t have to be maintained. All you need to do is modify individual modules.

Great advantages compared to browser recording.

If you record directly in the corresponding browser, a block is created for each individual activity. This also includes mouse movements. As a result, huge networks of building blocks are created that have to be extensively reworked afterwards. In addition, an individual recording must be made for each different browser. These disadvantages are simply avoided with the integrated recorder: Here you can select which activity you want to record and created as a block. At the same time, all common browsers can be created in one recording and in a single test case. This is one of expecco’s greatest strengths.

expecco Webtest Recorder

surf and test

Testing your website.
Surf & Test

While you surf, expecco records. All interactions with the website are logged and directly converted into building blocks.

create customize replace

Parameterize and reuse.
Create. Customize. Replace.

While you surf, expecco records. All interactions with the website are logged and directly converted into building blocks.

one test for all browsers

expecco works across browsers.
One test for all browsers.

You don’t have to repeat your web test manually for each browser, you only have to create your web test once and you can run your generated web test comfortably and without changes on different browsers.

click and wait

Page loads…
Click and Wait.

expecco provides various process behaviors and automatically makes performance measurements to analyze response and build times as well as transfer rates of your website.


Readjust your logical steps.
Gain an overview, save time.

Assemble several individual blocks into a new common block to form an action block out of logical steps. This gives you a single block for complex subsequences such as login, forms, table checks, and so on. This also provides a clear overview and structure.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Playback/test runs on all popular browsers.
  • Convenient compilation of new action blocks with user interactions.
  • Easy parameterization of web forms and automatic creation of CSV tables with input values.
  • Combination of UI tests with other systems, measuring instruments, sensors, databases, mobile devices, etc.
  • Measurement of response times.
  • Rerecording of partial sequences without having to repeat the entire session again.
  • High reusability of partial sequences by factoring out common actions (e.g. login sequences, form entries, table checks etc.).
  • Load generation and power measurements.
  • Our webtest module is based on Selenium WebDriver.


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