Test Development

This is how Test Development Works with expecco

Usually several teams with different competencies work together in a product development cycle. Whether the user is a product developer or project coordinator, has programming knowledge or has none, expecco offers an exact procedure for every function. This allows all participants to work efficiently in a goal-oriented manner using the same tool.


Test development with expecco via:

grafische testentwicklung

Drag & Drop


Capture & Replay


Code API

Graphical test development via drag-and-drop

Simple test development with our libraries

Because the tests are graphically formulated as UML elements at a high abstraction level, different users, such as product managers, software developers, domain experts, and testers, can understand, develop, and modify the test scenarios. No programming knowledge is required. You will find basic function blocks in our extensive libraries. And each block contains functionalities that have already been implemented and can be executed directly.

bibliotheken konzept screen

bibliotheken konzept

bibliotheken konzept baustein

Reality compliant testing

innovative testentwicklung

You can arrange the activity blocks and connect them to form a network with simple mouse clicks. Input and output pins define the processing steps. The result is an activity diagram that reproduces the test realistically, is easy to understand, and can be easily expanded.

The graphical test development highlights:

  • Test descriptions are interpreted immediately, and the test procedure is displayed in detail and animated live.
  • Running tests can be stopped, executed in single-step mode, and modified and continued during the run.
  • The tests can be flexibly parameterized.
  • Test processes adapt dynamically to changed configurations.
  • Clearly defined interfaces ensure that product changes and expansions require maintenance at one point only.
  • Integrated version management ensures consistent data storage.

Ready-to-use activity blocks for complete functions

The nets created via drag-and-drop are stored as new function blocks and can be used as a new functional component in more complex networks. This allows you to graphically model and modify even complicated processes, so they are easy to understand and recurring functions do not always have to be redeveloped. The entire test development becomes significantly more transparent, flexible, and easy to maintain.

funktionsweise fullscreenTo the video

Test development via capture-and-replay with an integrated recorder

The integrated recorder allows simple recording of test scenarios. These actions create expecco modules that can be reused, changed, expanded, or parameterized at any time. The images can be integrated as partial components into more complex test sequences.

Capture & replay example

testentwicklung expecco per capture replay


Software developers can develop additional functionalities, complete activity blocks, or create connections to special devices, systems, or services.

programmatische testentwicklung

Import of existing test descriptions

You can reuse existing test descriptions. expecco creates an activity block for each test step and generates graphical or list-oriented (keyword) test sequences during import. The user can directly execute these sequences, which are saved as test cases.

import vorhandener testbeschreibungen

Dynamic test run

The test execution does not have to be rigidly linear. expecco can also react to application preconditions and state changes. The test procedure adapts automatically to variants or configurations. The same sequence can be parameterized differently, executed several times or in parallel. expecco can communicate with several devices or protocols simultaneously within a test run or execute several test runs at the same time.

fexibler testablauf erlaubt paralleles testen

expecco is based on a workflow engine

The test descriptions modeled as graphical diagrams are processed by this workflow engine.

Find out more about the workflow engine

expecco basiert auf workflow engine

expecco kreis

Your expecco benefits at a glance

  • Transparent representation of test sequences and plans
  • Test development without programming knowledge
  • Running tests can be stopped, modified, and continued
  • Test runs adapt dynamically to changed configurations
  • Changes are necessary at only one central point
  • Flexible parameterization options
  • Linear and parallel test runs

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