Our Testmanagement for Manual and Automated Tests.

process automationexpecco ALM was developed for a perfekt interaction with expecco: Test suites, timetables, test computers, test devices and resources are centrally managed and the test automation is also controlled here. In this regard, expecco ALM offers test management for all automation stages: manual, partially-automated and fully-automated tests are supported. In its function as a test management system expecco ALM generates a report for each test run and statistics about the test throughput. At the same time, it helps to validate requirements and errors.


Simple planning and automatic execution despite complex criteria

The greatest strength of expecco ALM is in test management: The system starts the test processes depending on priority, availability of resources and time overlaps. In this way, tests with the highest priority are processed with priority. The system will always plan and control all test procedures so that as many tests as possible run at the same time, but there is no overlap. The system always checks fully automatically that the different tests do not block each other. At the same time, you can always run individual tests manually. More information about automatic planning and the use of test resources:



Easy Planning Despite Complex Criteria

Plan and start each of your test runs at various times. In so doing, the availability of the required resources will be taken into consideration by the system.


Test Processes as an Overview

With expecco ALM, the implemented test processes can be reproduced and versioned. Via e-mail, SMS or Jabber notifications, you can find out the current status and progress of your tests.


Planning Reliability

Easier test planning and optimised utilisation of your resources with expecco ALM: The test resources that are required for the test implementation are automatically allocated.



A result report is generated after each test run. This is saved in the test center and assigned to the corresponding test run.

expecco ALM – the Test Management System

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